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Standard Operating Procedure

5. Stop oven. 6. Rinse inside of oven with shower spray attached to oven. 7. Wipe inside of door with paper towel, then with a damp cloth. 8. Dry oven using convection mode for 5 minutes. 9. Leave door ajar. Cleaning solution may cause irritation to skin and eyes. Spraying hot oven with cleaning solution will damage the metal interior. Use of ...

Standard Operating Procedure for

6.2 Drying oven equipped with thermostatic control capable of maintaining temperature within 5. oC range . 6.3 Desiccator - with moisture indicating desiccant . 6.4 Analytical balance - capable of weighing to 0.1 mg . 6.5 Filtration system - filter funnel, filter stage, filter barrel, clamps, Erlenmeyer filter flask . 6.6 Graduated cylinder

Standard Operating Procedures: Bart Laboratory

GLOVEBOX STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES Entering the Glovebox: Items intended to enter the gloveboxes can enter through two antechambers (large and small). ... All glassware entering the glovebox must also be dried in the drying oven for a minimum of 1 hour. All empty vessels and dried solids should be vented so no positive pressure is created ...

SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) of Hot Air Oven

Mar 11, 2022 Switching On Procedure. Ensure that gas/air flow cylinders are ON from the facility side. Turn ON the Rota meter for airflow in the oven. Switch ON the Mains of the Oven. Turn ON the mains. The Red LED will glow means the oven is ON. Switch ON the fan. Once the system is on you can set the required temperature on the Digital Temperature controller.

Industrial Ovens Operation Maintenance Manual

operating a powder oven. Caution needs to be used when transporting product in and out of the oven. Temperatures in the oven can exceed 400 F. The oven is designed to replace 20% of the air with fresh air in order to maintain low levels of CO, but caution should be used in case of an unsafe CO level inside of oven. 1.2.2 House Keeping

Oven Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

oven chamber, caution must be taken to ensure that the components that create the vacuum are compatible with vapors that may be produced in the oven (i.e. vacuum pump seals must be tolerant of any fumes from the oven). General Operating Procedure 1. Input the desired temperature setpoint using the oven’s interface 2.

Laboratory Safety Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Person who perform this procedure should be trained by an experienced graduated students, and have permission from the person in charge of the vacuum oven. Make sure that the connection direction of the trap is correct. Laboratory Safety Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) (for the use of hazardous materials or equipment)

Standard Operating Procedures for Processing with 1 2 ...

personnel will place the item(s) in a dry oven at approximately 100 C for 20 minutes. 4.2.1 Personnel will record the specific method used for development in the case record. 4.3 Alternate Methods for Development. 4.3.1 Instead of using a humidity cabinet or oven, personnel may use one of the following development options: 1.

Procedure For Loss On Drying USP Test - Pharmabeej

Procedure for Loss On Drying USP test: Take a dry LOD bottle as specified as per standard operating procedure (SOP). Place the empty LOD bottle in the oven at a given temperature for 30 mins or specified in standsrd testing procedure (STP). Cool the empty LOD bottle in the desiccator at room temperature for 30min.

Standard Operating Procedure - USGS

Standard Operating Procedure . for the USGS Reston, Virginia Environmental Organic Geochemistry Laboratory . Procedures for Preparation of Clean Reagents and Labware: Trace ... and the objects are placed into a 135 C drying oven in the same beaker used for sonication or another glass vessel for 1 hour. No plastic or wood or other

Standard Operating Procedure for

Standard Operating Procedure for: Organic Matter in Sediment, Loss on Ignition Method (2030R02 Org Matter LOI.doc) Missouri State University and ... 15.1 Samples are dried at 60C in the drying ovens located in Temple 125 or Temple 103. These samples are dried in the original bags in which the sample is collected Standards (both calcite and ...

Standard Operating Procedure - Yale University

Standard Operating Procedure PHENOL ... drying oven or similar appliance. • Use caution when centrifuging phenol. Centrifugation produces aerosols which can lead to ... lab personnel should be able to safely clean it up by following standard spill clean up procedures: • Alert people in immediate area of spill


STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE. SOP Description Total Suspended Solids. Document Name TSS TVSS. Revision #3b. MWC_SOP_TSS_TVSS_rev3b.doc. Method: SM 18-20 2540D. ... While vacuum is applied, wash filter with three 20 mL portions of distlled water, suction dry. Dry in an oven at 103-105 C for an hour before use, and / or store in oven at 103 ...


STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE. Use this form to document the Health Safety information associated with the procedure. Procedure Title: Use of Drying Ovens. Dept: Bldg /Rm: Supervisor: Procedure Overview: (brief description of the project) 1. The user will understand the start-up procedure for the oven.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) :: Department of ...

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) A standard operating procedure (SOP) is a set of written instructions that describes in detail how to safely perform work involving hazardous materials (biological, chemical, radiological), hazardous equipment or hazardous operations. ... Quick Dry Oven; Service Animals in labs; Building Emergency and Safety ...


STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES SOP: 2034 PAGE: 1 of 5 REV: 0.0 DATE: 11/17/94 PLANT BIOMASS DETERMINATION CONTENTS 1.0 SCOPE AND APPLICATION ... sample size) in a drying oven set at 80oC. The tissue will be dried for 24 - 48 hours, cooled in a desiccator jar, and reweighed (dry weight). The tissue will be weighed at 4 to

Appendix A Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures Standard Operating Procedure Number Standard Operating Procedure Title Revision Number Revision Date Annual Review Date PWT-COS-302 XRF Sample Preparation 1 Nov-15 NA ... Set the drying oven to a temperature of 100C or lower. 3. Line a drying pan with aluminum foil, and spread the soils evenly over the foil. ...

Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) for IITA Seedbank

the drying room. 6. Seed drying • Transfer the ranked trays to the drying room (relative humidity: 10–15%; Temperature: 16–18 oC). • Then arrange the seed bags serially on the dehydration shelves. (Figs. 9 a and b). • Turn the seed bags upside down every 2–3 days to allow homogeneous dehydration.


This method provides instructions for verifying the dial settings on general purpose drying ovens. Inspection Equipment Required: 1. A calibrated thermometer graduated in 1.0 degress C increments having a range which includes the temperature range to be checked. 2. A brass thermometer well to retain heat while the oven door is open.

Microwave Oven SOP SafetyDocs PDF Word Templates

This Microwave Oven Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) provides a way for your business to outline step-by-step safe processes when operating a microwave oven. Microwave Oven SOP: Provides instructions on the use of the equipment both prior to and during operation. Ensures workers recognise and manage associated hazards and risks involved.

Standard Operating Procedure for

This standard operating procedure (SOP) describes the procedures necessary to generate an ... Place the tray in preheated drying oven until a bulk particle mixture is dry. Oven the temperature and drying time used for a tray containing 2.5 kg of e is particle mixtur 300 F for a minimum of 24 hours.


This Standard Operating Procedure describes the method for determining gravimetric moisture content. Gravimetric moisture content is used to estimate the moisture content ... - To assist in the oven-drying of large test specimens, they should be placed in containers having a large surface area (such as pans) and the material broken up into

Standard Operating Procedure for

This standard operating procedure provides laboratory personnel with guidance on the procedure for determining TSS. This method is limited to the determination of ... Drying oven adjusted to 104 1C. Aluminum weighing dishes (or equivalent). Analytical balance capable of reading to 0.1 mg. 11 Reagents and standards .

1 2 Glassware Drying Oven -

Title: Glassware Drying Oven Revision #:1 Date: 03/12/2020 Page 1 of 2 Glassware Drying Oven Standard Operating Procedure Lab: 160E Davenport Department: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering PI/Manager of Space: David W. Flaherty Written By: Zeynep Ayla Section 1: Overview

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