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100 mL 3-Neck, Round Bottom Flask with Hooks. 100 mL 3-neck, round bottom flask with springs and 19/38 fittings for the General Glassblowing […] Supply details. ... Heating mantle extension with 6 inch support ring that attaches to ring stand or distillation […] Supply details. Heating Mantle, Series M.

Heating Mantles - Heaters - Heating Cooling Equipment ...

17785 CENTER COURT DRIVE, SUITE 300, Cerritos, CA 90703; 17783 Indian St, Moreno Valley, CA. 92551; Contact Us; Careers

Operation of (heating mantle cintex cic 1)

2.0 BASIC OPERATION : 2.1 Switch on the heating by the mains switch. 2.2 There are one control knob on the heating mantle. 2.3 Control knob is for controlling the rate of temperature rising. 2.4 Switch of the heating mantle after usage and after coming to room temperature. 2.5 Don’t place any flammable liquids or solids directly in beakers on ...


3-2 Toll Free: 800-848-7673 | Phone: 614-294-3376 | | Email: [email protected] | Fax: 614-294-3807 HEA TERS TING Your Heating Specialist since 1949 BriskHeat Heating Mantles offer uniform heat distribution for round-bottom flasks. Whether the need is a self-standing mantle, a mantle to fit in a basket ring

Electrothermal Large Volume Heating Mantle 10 L; 230 V ...

A unique “V-shaped” design of the heating mantle accommodates both pear-shaped and round-bottom flasks. Coiled heating element, suspended within a thermal insulating material, provides optimal heat transfer and support. Even when the heating element temperature is at 842F (450C), the outer casing remains cool to the touch.

Heating Mantle Controllers - General Laboratory Supply Inc.

ALL MODELS. The MantleMinder II is an automatic, time proportioning control used with heating mantles, tapes, cords, small ovens and other resistive heating loads up to 1,800W (120V) or 2,400W (240V). The load and the thermocouple receptacles are located on the front panel for easy accessibility.

Heating Mantles from Cole-Parmer China

Cole-Parmer Uncontrolled Heating Mantles. 4,834.06 - 13,608.39CNY / Each. View All 13. View Items to Compare. Electrothermal Compact Unimantles Heating Mantles. 5,047.61 - 12,494.31CNY / Each. View All 10. View Items to Compare. Cole-Parmer Analog Controlled Heating Mantles.

Heating mantle -

Dec 30, 2012 The heating mantle will burn out rapidly. It is imperative that it is plugged into a variac (power control). b. The size of the heating mantle has to match the size of the flask. Heating mantles that are too big or too small do not provide a good heat transfer; the heating mantle will overheat and burn out quickly. In some cases, a better heat ...

Heating Mantles VWR

Description: Glass fabric heating mantle with a lengthwise slit, held together with a hook and lace closure. ,16002-582EA,16002-584EA,16002-578EA,16002-576EA,16002-574EA,16002-580EA Resin and Reaction Flask Mantle, Aluminum …

Heating Mantle Fison

Digital Display Heating Mantle FM-DHM-A102. View Detail. View Catalog. Add to compare.

Electrothermal Heating Mantles

Electromantle 50ml Controlled Grounded EM Mantle 230V. Electrothermal EM0050/CE. EMA Heating and Stirring Mantle 50ml 230V. List Price: $690.00. Clarkson Price: $621.00. You Save: $69.00 (10 %) Clarkson EMA0050/CEB. EMA Heating and Stirring Mantle 50ml 230V.

Electrothermal Heating Mantles from Cole-Parmer

Electrothermal Controlled Aluminum Heating Mantles. $405.00 - $546.00USD / Each. View All 9. View Items to Compare. Electrothermal Large Volume Heating Mantles. $2,703.00 - $3,320.50USD / Each. View All 8. View Items to Compare. Electrothermal Flask/Funnel Heating …

Heating Mantles from Cole-Parmer Canada

Glas-Col Aluminum Flask Heating Mantles. $521.58 - $2,040.65CAD / Each. View All 16. View Items to Compare. Glas-Col Flexible Fabric Hemispherical Heating Mantles-120 VAC. $315.31 - $721.96CAD / Each. View All 11. View Items to Compare. Glas-Col …

Glas-Col Heating Mantles - Stirring/Heating Mantle - Cole ...

Glas-Col Flexible Fabric Hemispherical Heating Mantles-120 VAC. $315.31 - $721.96 CAD / Each. View All 11. View Items to Compare. Glas-Col Aluminum Beaker Heating Mantles. $559.89 - $770.58CAD / Each. View All 4. View Items to …

Heating Mantles - Glas-Col

Glas-Col invented the Electric Heating Mantle in 1939 and has continued to be the industry leader for Laboratory and Industrial heating ever since. Our products are known for exceptional performance, reliability and durability. common sizes available. fabric interiors conform and protect glassware. available in both aluminum and fabric ...

Glas-Col Heating Mantles - Stirring/Heating Mantle - Cole ...

Glas-Col provides provide products that are safe, efficient, reliable, and of the highest quality; the tools for scientists from laboratory products to industrial heating and mixing technology. Choose from fabric or aluminum heating mantles. The aluminum housing provides strength and durability while supporting the weight of the vessel.

Heating mantle controller at Thomas Scientific

Glas-Col. Provides precise manual control of heating mantles, tapes, cords and other resistive loads Adjustable output range from 3-100% of rated voltage Mount on lattice work or bench top Model 5915A01 will accommodate non-conductive loads to 1200 watts; model 5915A05 to 2400 watts. Electrical….

Electrical Heating Mantles with Controllers Fisher ...

Glass fabric heating mantle with a lengthwise slit held together with a hook and lace closure. Mantle is 115 volts is supplied complete with a separable 4ft 2-wire cord and locking connector. Heating Mantle, Upper Portion, Unjacketed Cylindrical Vessel, Reactor Capacity: 10 …

5qt Heating Adapter Kit for Lab Mixer (250 Watts) - Gilson Co.

Heating Adapter Kit maintains elevated temperatures when preparing hot-mix asphalt specimens in MA-52 Laboratory Mixers.Heating mantles mount under mixing bowls with hook and loop fasteners. The electronic proportional controller comes with a built-in circuit breaker and Buss-type fuse that attaches to a twist-lock 4ft (1.2m) connector cable which connects the controller …

Lab equipment :: Heating :: Heating mantles - Bunsen ...

HEATING MANTLE 250ML. Sold by: Select School Supplies. 55.00 52.00. (62.40 inc VAT) Please sign in to buy. Volume (ml) 250. CODE: E102. Heating Mantle 250ml Controlled. Sold by: SLS Select Education.

Heating Mantle - PCE Instruments

Heating Mantle. In case of heating mantle it goes about a device which is used in laboratories to heat special media in glass vessels. Due to the various sizes of the glass vessels the exact amounts of liquids can be heated. The scope of volumes of heating mantle at PCE ranges from 100 ml up to 10

Laboratory - Heating Mantles - Page 2 - Safety Emporium

Heating mantles are the most common method for heating reaction vessels in the laboratory. For more about the practical aspects of these devices, see the Heating Sources Page of our Glassware Gallery.. All heating mantles and tapes must be operated through a power control.These are not designed to be plugged directly into an electrical outlet.Chemical …

Heating Stirring Mantles Digital Heating Mantles

Heating mantles are used to apply heat to containers or other forms of a heated bath. These allow for glassware to be placed directly on the heating mantle, because of the insulation between the heating element and the glassware. This greatly reduces the chances of glassware shattering from increasing temperature.

Lab Mixer 12qt Heating Adapter Kit 600 Watts - Gilson Co.

Heating mantles mount under mixing bowls with hook and loop fasteners. Electronic proportional controller with built-in circuit breaker attaches with a twist-lock connector on 4ft (1.2m) cable. Available for 115V/60Hz and 230V/50Hz electrical supplies. Features: Heat on indicator light; Hook and loop fasteners mount heating mantles under a ...


HEATING MANTLES, UPPER PORTIONS, UNJACKETED CYLINDRICAL VESSELS. For use with CG-1924 and CG-1972 unjacketed cylindrical reaction vessels. Glass fabric heating mantle with a lengthwise slit held together with a hook and lace closure. Mantle is 115 volts is supplied complete with a separable 4ft 2-wire cord and locking connector.

Lab Connections :: Lab Equipment Supplies :: Heating Mantles

Heating Mantles. Products. Result pages: 1 2. per page; Heating Mantle / Hot Plate Burner 250 ml: Heating Mantle / Hot Plate Burner 500 ml ... Slotted Weights And Hangers (40) Weight Sets Various (2) Weights Bottle Shape (10) Baths Dry. Baths Dry (3) Baths Dry Accessories (13) Brushes (9) Buret Burette Clamps (18)

Heating mantles VWR

Heating mantles. Supplier: Stuart. STUAHM1000CEA 1896.58 SGD. STUAHM1000C STUAHM500C STUAHM250C STUAHM100C STUAHM2000C STUAHM50C. Heating mantles. Heaters Heating Mantles. Max. 450 C, with temperature regulation. Range of economical heating mantles with earthed element in case of flask breakage. Fire resistant casing with …

How To Operate Heating Mantle Lab Heating Apparatus

hydrothermal synthesis reactor together, you also could use it to heating liquid separately. 1. Connect 220V power source, turn on power source switch. Interface will display K, settings window will display 400, K type thermocouple is equipped with this heating mantle, max controlled temperature is 400℃. After 3s, dispaly window.

Heating Mantles - Thomasnet

ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of heating mantles. Types include table top hemispherical heating mantles. Specifications of mantles include plus 900 degrees F maximum operating temperature, 120 VAC 240 VAC voltage, 50 …

Heating Mantles from Cole-Parmer United Kingdom

Lab heating mantles are used to uniformly heat various lab and glassware vessels. If you are looking for an accurate and easy-to-use heating solution, a lab heating mantle is a good alternative to heating baths. A lab heating mantle is even great for hard-to-fit flasks and funnels. Choose from flexible fabric or canister-style lab heating mantles.

Benchtop Controller for Mantle Heater - Omega Engineering

Oct 09, 2019 How it Works. Plug the mantel heater directly into output 2 of the benchtop control. Connect the benchtop via USB to a PC running either Windows 7 or 10. Use the configuration program to program the benchtop controller, including temperature set point, range, and sensor type. Program the benchmark controller to change color between green, amber ...

Heating Mantle or Hotplate Stirrer: Which is Right for Me ...

Oct 21, 2020 Advantages of using a hotplate: The capacity for heating mantles usually tops out at approximately 1,000mL, while hotplate stirrers can heat significantly larger volumes from 5,000mL (5L) up to about 20,000mL (20L). Because hotplates feature a flat top pan, they can be easier to clean. Hotplate stirrers can only be used with flat bottom glassware.

Heating Mantles - Science Lab Supplies

Please call us at. 936-727-5038. We are owned by LAB.SUPPLY Inc and any invoices or credit card charges will reflect the same. Chemicals that we sell are NOT FOOD / USP grade. If you buy a Chemical and you are using it for Clinical / Human (Animal) Use / Application we are not liable. Again they are not for or on Human / Animal use / testing.

Heating Mantles VWR

SP Wilmad-LabGlass Reaction Kettle Heating Mantles, SP Industries. Supplier: SP Industries. Description: These all-glass constructed heating mantles are for use with LG-8071 through LG-8089 reaction kettles. They provide even heat distribution. ,14201-048EA,14201-112EA,14200-650EA,14200-916EA.

Lab-Heating Mantle PCE-HM 5000

The device has a power of 350 Watt and reaches temperatures of up to 450 C. Due to the simple fact that the lab-heating mantle PCE-HM 5000 offers space for a round-bottom flask with a capacity of 5000 ml, it is proven that the lab-heating mantle can heat a relatively large amount of fluids. Despite its large volume, it has the ability to heat ...

Heating Mantle Dhanbad Lab Instruments Jharkhand

The heating mantle helps to heat or control the temperature of different samples or chemicals in the laboratory. The device has a crocheted net inside, in which you can hang the round bottom flask to heat it. - Power 150 W - Operating temperature 0 ... +450 C - Fast heat-up time - For round flasks up to 250 ml. press to zoom.

Element Heating Mantle at Thomas Scientific

These heating mantles are designed for use with round bottom flasks. Features include polyurethane coated aluminum exteriors and a high quality knitted mantle with glass fiber underlay for uniform distribution of heat. Maximum operating temperature is 400C. Mantles can be used in a wide range….

60AF75 Lab Heating Mantles - Grainger Industrial Supply

When it comes to 60AF75 Lab Heating Mantles, you can count on Grainger. Supplies and solutions for every industry, plus easy ordering, fast delivery and 24/7 customer support.

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