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(PDF) Efficient Extraction of Starch from Microalgae Using ...

A 250 mL Erlenmeyer flask contained 5% (w/v) dry C. vulgaris powdered biomass in 100 mL distilled water. Then we used an ultrasonic homogenizer at 30 W and 20 kHz for 30 min (Chikako et al. 2012 ...

Efficient Extraction of Starch from Microalgae Using ...

croalgae using ultrasonic homogenizer and its conver- sion into ethanol by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF) were attempted. The effect of ultra- sonic treatment on extraction of starch was clarified and the optimal condition of SSF was determined for the ef- fective conversion of ultrasonic treated microalgae into ethanol. 2.

Polymer-CushionedBilayers.I ...

crucial factor. The neutron reflectivity curve was then measured against air. In the second step, the PEI-coated quartz was transferred into the flow cell

Ultrasonic Homogenizer - [PDF Document]

Dec 08, 2015 Probe Sonicator is the popular name for an Ultrasonic homogenizer. The Orchid Scientifics' Ultrasonic Homogenizers offer precision engineering with all the necessary features to create a total. system for ultrasonic disruption. Orchid's Probe Sonicator is a tool specially designed for Pharmaceutical, Chemical Labs and various Research Institutes,

(PDF) The characteristics of water-in-biodiesel emulsions ...

direct ultrasonic homogenizer can be realized by changing the ultrasonic power, frequency and mix- ing duration. The current work describes the vital …


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Model 300 V/T Sonic Dismembrator User Ref. Guide

he OmniRuptor 250 Ultrasonic Homogenizer User Reference Guide is a comprehensive manual that contains all the instructions you need to operate the instrument. To help you understand the functionality of the OmniRuptor 250 Ultrasonic Homogenizer efficiently, this manual is organized by tasks, beginning with unpacking the instrument, reviewing safety

Ultrasonic Homogenizers for Liquid Processing - Hielscher ...

Hielscher Ultrasonics specializes in the design and manufacturing of high power ultrasonic homogenizers for lab, bench-top and production level.Ultrasonic power is an effective and energy-efficient means to apply high shear and intense stress. to liquids, powder/liquid mixtures and slurries.. This makes it a strong alternative to high shear mixers, high pressure …

Model FM Manual - Cole-Parmer


Homogenizer Overview - M.G. Newell

Homogenizers may be equipped with a single valve assembly (single-stage) or two valves connected in a series (two-stage). For most products, a single-stage valve is sufficient. A two-stage assembly, ndwhere ~10% of the total pressure is applied to the 2 stage, controls back pressure and minimizes

Homogenizer Handbook - SPX FLOW

homogenizers. In this handbook, “homogenization” and “homogenizer” refer to the action and equipment related to the classically recognized homogenizer. HOMOGENIZERS To understand how the homogenizer works and what it does, it is first necessary to trace the path of the liquid mixture through the homogenizing valve. Figure 1 shows a

Homogenizers for Mixing Dispersing and Emulsifying

Homogenizing is what is called an umbrella word - a word which covers a very large area. When someone says that they are homogenizing, they may mean that they are actually doing one or more of the following, blending, mixing, disrupting, emulsifying, dispersing, stirring etc. Therefore, during this writing when the word homogenizing is used it ...


In 1977, we were among first few manufacturers for ultrasonic bath in Japan. Later we started manufacturing very high quality Ultrasonic Probe for cell disruption, homogenization etc. The Products TAKASHI produces more than 7 models in different power category. Starting from 250 watt, we produce up to 1800 watt ultrasonic Probe.

UP200Ht - Handheld Ultrasonic Homogenizer

Like all Hielscher ultrasonic devices, the UP200Ht comes with an intelligent automatic frequency tuning. When the device is switched on, the generator will sense the optimal operational frequency. It will then drive the device at this frequency. That improves the overall energy efficiency and reliability of our ultrasonic devices.

MICROSON - Cole-Parmer

m The Microson Ultrasonic Homogenizer must be properly grounded with a 3-prong plug. Test electrical outlet for proper grounding before plugging in unit. m Install the Microson in an area free from excessive dust, dirt, explosive and corrosive fumes and from extreme temperature and humidity. m NEVER touch a vibrating horn or probe.

Homogenization Fundamentals - IOSR-JEN

modification. it is characterized into three major categories:-ultrasonic pressure homogenization, pressure homogenization mechanical homogenizer. Application of homogenization are diverse in food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Most important use of homogenization process in food industry

Ultrasonic emulsification: An overview on the preparation ...

Nov 01, 2020 View PDF; Download full issue; Trends in Food Science Technology. Volume 105, November 2020, Pages 363-377. ... The mechanism of ultrasonic emulsification is discussed. ... Moreover, several studies showed that HIU homogenizers were more energy efficient than high pressure homogenizers and microfluidizers. However, research …


Principle of Homogenizer Homogenizer is a high speed mill with a rapid rotor rotates in the casing which serves as stator. The fuel forced trough a fine labyrinth between stator and rotor and cut asphaltenes into smaller size ( 3 –5 micron ) which burn completely and do not overload the engine. Homogenizer

Pulse 150 UltraSonic Homogenizer - Benchmark Scientific

Pulse 150 Ultrasonic Homogenizer Literature PDF The Pulse 150 Ultrasonic Homogenizer uses cavitation and ultrasonic waves to break cells in suspension, shear DNA and prepare samples for ChIP assays. With up to 150 watts of power, the unit processes samples from 0.1 ml to 150 ml (with the appropriate horn).

Omni Ruptor 4000 Ultrasonic Homogenizer - OMNI ...

SONIC RUPTOR Ultrasonic Homogenizer The Omni Sonic Ruptor 4000 Ultrasonic Homogenizer offers precision engineering with all the features necessary to create a total system for ultrasonic disruption. It can disintegrate most cells, bacteria, spore or tissue. It can prepare an emulsion down to 1/100 of a micron, homogenize “immiscible ...

Homogenizers - Dairy Processing Handbook

The distance between the seat and the forcer is approximately 0.1 mm or 100 times the size of the fat globules in homogenized milk. The velocity of the liquid is normally 100 – 400 m/s in the narrow annular gap. The higher the homogenization pressure, the higher the speed. Homogenization takes 10 – 15 microseconds.

HOMOGENIZATION - Dairy Knowledge

The homogenizer in a processing line In general, the homogenizer is placed upstream, i.e. before the final heating section in a heat exchanger. In production of UHT milk, the homogenizer is generally placed upstream in indirect systems but always downstream in direct systems, i.e. on the aseptic side after UHT treatment. In the latter

KSS-1200DT Ultrasonic Homogenizer Operation Manual

The ultrasonic homogenizer has lots of advantages, such as advanced technology, reliable performance, convenient operation, esthetic appearance, clear and bright display, and the temperatures can be examined and controlled, etc. Ultrasonic homogenizer are multi-function and multipurpose instruments that utilize ...

Ultrasonic Homogenizer (Non-contact) LUHS-B1 Series

Ultrasonic Homogenizer (Non-contact) LUHS-B10 is a cup-form homogenizer with 700 ml disruption capacity. With 19.5 to 20.5 KHz operation frequency, it is used for disruption of cells, for emulsification, homogenization of varied biological samples with minimum up to 5 μL volume. It can be used for breaking up chromosome and crushing cells ...

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Ultrasonic homogenizer (Sonicator) LUHS-AI series Ultrasonic homogenizer (Sonicator) LUHS-AI series comes with LCD screen, microprocessor controlled system. User can set ultrasonic time/power/ total interval time as per the experi- mental requirements, can keep amplitude transformation as an optional procedure. It can be

Instructions for Use - BANDELIN

Ultrasonic Homogenizer HD 3100 7 Ultrasonic Homogenizers From generator operating software version 2.0 51356a GB/2016-03 Instructions for Use! 1 Ultrasound since 1955 Valid for: HD 3100 Volumes: 1 ml - 500 ml HD 3200 Volumes: 2 ml - 1000 ml HD 3400 Volumes: 100 ml …


ULTRASONIC HOMOGENIZER KFS-450N Operating Instruction . Summary Ultrasonic homogenizers are multi-function and multi-purpose instruments that utilize intense high frequency sound to induce cavitation in liquid. ... Ultrasonic probe tip diameter 2 or 3 mm 13、16 or 18m 2 0 or 25mm Crash capacity(ml) 0.5-50 ml 5-500ml 500-2000ml

Ultrasonic Homogenizer - Labocon

Ultrasonic Homogenizer LUH 100 Series Labocon Ultrasonic Homogenizer LUH-100 Series is designed to oer precise system for ultrasonic disruption, homogenization, emulsification and degasing of samples. Its unique features allows the maximum in choice and control to best support your processing needs. Features:

Application Homogenizer Nanomaterials www.adeeco

Ultrasonic Homogenizer provided by Adeeco Company is fabricated according to international standards,the unique facilities of which meet all of the research and industry requirements. We offer one of the most comprehensive ultrasonic processors for dispersing Nano-particles in fluids. Ultrasonic Homogenizer is a programmable laboratory-

Ultrasonic Homogenizer Sonicator LUHS-A20

ULTRASONIC HOMOGENIZER SONICATOR LUHS-A20 [email protected] Ultrasonic Homogenizer Sonicator LUHS-A20 is a 2000 W ultrasound probe sonicator, can handle 2 L liquid at a me within 0 to 1000C of temperature range. Equipped with 4.3-inch TFT touch screen opera on panel, microcomputer control, adjustable ultrasonic power and me, it ...

SONOPULS Ultrasonic Homogenizers BANDELIN

Ultrasonic homogenizer SONOPULS HD 4050 10 07 34050 for volumes from 0.5 – 100 ml Ready-to-operate set: for volumes from 0.5 ml – 20 ml, ultra-sonic power max. 50 W, ultrasonic generator GM 4200, ultra-sonic converter UW 50, titanium probe TS 102, dia. 2 mm Ultrasonic homogenizer SONOPULS HD 4100 10 07 34100

Ultrasonic Homogenizers Fisher Scientific

Ultrasonic homogenizers are commonly used to disrupt cells and tissues via sound waves and the cavitation that they cause. The homogenizer tip vibrates rapidly, creating bubbles that form and collapse. This action tears apart any cells or particles in the solution. An ultrasonic homogenizer consists of:

6 ltonic ooenie

Ultrasonic-type Homogenizer generates this cavitation efficiently and uses that for Crushing etc. In principle Ultrasonic Crushing can be used on only objects that are present in liquid phase or through the moisture. Tip end Vibration width Cavitation water In Cup horn (left figure), Shock

Effects of Microstructure on the Compressive Yield Stress

using a Power Gen homogenizer operating at 20,000 RPM for 15 min in order to break up any flocs present. The sus-pensions were then titrated to the desired pH and rehomoge-nized at 20,000 RPM for 15 min to provide a uniform mi-crostructure. In order to introduce heterogeneities in the microstruc-

Tissue Homogenization - Vanderbilt University

• Ultrasonic - Homogenizer – Branson Sonifier 450 Analog. Procedure: Note: This procedure describes a protocol for ~250 mg of tissue. It may be necessary to prepare agreater or a smaller volume of solution depending on the amount of starting material, and if a more concentrated protein extract is required. Use a ratio of approximately

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